Blue Cross Health Insurance

The government requires all international students to have group medical insurance at their school. McGill's students have to use Blue Cross.

Mandatory Blue Cross Health Insurance

You will be given your Blue Cross Insurance Contract, your Health Care Plan booklet, as well as your Blue Cross card at the Orientation Session. Please sign the contract and return it to the Student Affairs Office. Your Blue Cross insurance card must be presented when visiting a doctor. When you visit a hospital or health clinic, you will have to pay up front for services and then claim a reimbursement.

Blue Cross Card

Typically, a consultation with a doctor will cost approximately $100, of which $80 is refundable by Blue Cross. The clinic may charge more, but Blue Cross may not refund everything. A consultation with a specialized doctor will cost slightly more. If you visit a McGill University Health Centre hospital (MUHC – this is all the English hospitals listed above), then you don’t have to pay cash. To make a claim, complete the Extended Health Care Benefits Claim Form available in your booklet. Claim payments are processed in 2 to 3 weeks.

Image courtesy McGill University